Fiscal management services for nonprofits




"I had the pleasure of working with Gina Witz and her team during my tenure as a member of the Board of Directors of Community Health Charities. Gina was incredibly responsive to our needs, adept at analyzing information and making well though-out recommendations. Gina’s knowledge, professionalism and exceptional customer service were exactly what we needed!"
- Linda Mitchell, President & CEO
Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado

“The Balanced Act provides exceptional service in regard to accounting and solves your problems. After many years of making financial reports work, Gina reorganized our reports so they easily reflect our financial reality. Gina is a rare combination of a numbers person who communicates financials in a way that is easy to understand. My Board as well as I appreciate her skill and would recommend her for your financial and policy needs.”
- Spencer L. Lundgaard-Executive Director
A Christian Ministry in the National Parks

“Gina made clear what has to me always seemed a mystery. While my comfort level is high when it comes to working with people and art. Financial statements are another matter. Gina, through her skillful understanding of what monies belong where, makes my life easier. Her presence is always a joyful one and her services are worth twice the price in the peace of mind she provides.”
- Noël Walker Simmons, Outreach Director/ Art Therapist
The Other Side Arts

Fiscal Management Training Sessions

"I’m normally not on that end of the business…but that’s the most coherent budgeting conversation I’ve ever been a part of. Very helpful for me as an overview. As a “program” guy, that’ll make a difference in my career moving forward – great to have a better understanding of all that stuff called “budgeting” (I used to refer to it as “brain damage”)."
-Chris Sautter, Director of Campaign Services
Community Health Charities of Colorado

"Gina was great! Brought humor to a budget training - remarkable"

"Gina was approachable, funny and really helped me get a better sense of how to effectively budget"

"Presenter was very engaging. Her injecting sense of humor into a normally boring topic-made it interesting."