Services - Customized to meet our client's needs


1) Fiscal Management – System build and set up

•Review and analysis of current system(s)
•Remapping the chart of accounts and streamlining reporting
•Customized accounts and reporting
•Recommendation and implementation of accounting software
•Training staff on software and systems
•Training of management and board of directors on interpreting reports
•Remapping budget items to new chart of accounts
•Bringing forward data of current fiscal year into new system
•Financial report writing
•Establishing allocation methods

2) Monthly Accounting – Maintenance and support (Level 1)

•Reconciliation of trial balance
•Preparation and input of journal entries
•Preparation of financial statements
•Attendance at finance committee and/or board meetings

2.5) Monthly Accounting – Maintenance and support (Level 2)

•Includes all of Level 1 and the following:
•Input of all disbursements, and check preparation
•Input of all receipts, and deposit preparation
•Submit and Input of all payroll

3) Audit/Review Preparation

•Trial Balance reconciliation
•Input Year-end entries
•Prepare documents requested by CPA firm to perform field work
•Follow up consultation on systems, processes and procedures
•A133 Single Audit compliance and system set up

4) IRS Form 990 Preparation

•Prepare 990, 990EZ, 990PF, 990T, and related schedules
•Reconcile audited and internal financials to the 990
•Board of Directors presentation
•Financial analysis, business management support

5) Nonprofit Start-up Services

•1023/1024 Applications
•State of Colorado incorporation filings
•Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

6) Other Services

•Assistance with budgeting and forecasting
•Internal controls, analysis and implementation
•Employee benefit plans, analysis and design