Fiscal management services for nonprofits


What we do

A typical consultant will provide analysis and insight into the needs of an organization and might even direct them to the person(s) or business(es) that can help them perform the functions they seek.  We provide both services.  We will help you determine the fiscal needs of your organization, help you strategically map out the steps, build and implement the systems while providing oversight and training.

Who we serve

Our current client base is comprised of several nonprofit organizations with annual revenues ranging from $50k to $4m. Our clients are located throughout the country: Colorado, Utah, Washington, New York, Las Vegas, Washington, DC and some have been internationally located in Africa.

Our clients contract with The Balanced Act for a variety of reasons and at different stages in their organization's life cycle.  The most common reasons we are contacted include:

*  The organization is experiencing substantial growth resulting in a breakdown of a system that may have worked on a smaller scale.  Often smaller organizations can struggle along with minimal data and can make it "work for them."  However, in the ever-changing world of nonprofits, reporting requirements and audit needs, older systems may fail to provide the level of information required by funders, boards of directors and management teams.

*  The organization is in the start-up phase and desires a system that will accommodate future growth without a lot of growing pains. The staff is small and the expertise required to build a fiscal management system to meet the unique needs of a nonprofit does not exist.

* There has been a change in personnel which highlights a need for change in systems or a need for clean-up and re-organization.  When there is a shift in key personnel in any organization, issues often arise with systems and efficiencies, or lack thereof.

How we work

Our work is primarily performed remotely.  We offer a remote desktop service and provide Quickooks Desktop software.  We have developed systems for communicating effectively and efficiently with our remote clients that is customized to our clients needs and allows us to respond to client needs quickly and in the most cost effective manner possible.